Wheatfield with Cypresses

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Durable bespoke tablet case. Available in Matte or Gloss finish.

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Despite Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890) selling only one painting in his lifetime he's now regarded as one of the greatest and most influential modern European artists. His expressive and emotive use of colour and his distinct brushwork became hugely popular and still influences art today, similarly his troubled personality and way of life epitomises the romantic ideal of the tortured artist.

Van Gogh was unsuccessful during his lifetime, and he was considered a madman and a failure. He sold only 1 painting 7 months before his suicide for 400 Francs. A century later his painting Portrait of Dr. Gachet sold for $82.5 million dollars (worth $161.4 million dollars in 2020) and became the most expensive to ever be sold, it would hold this title for the next 16 years. You can learn more about Vincent van Gogh here.

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Very good fits very well

Very good fits very well thanks my grandson will love it as it is A Christmas gift

loved it

loved it